The latest and best deals for UI, icon, templates and themes. If you do end up buying one of these deals send us an email to let us know what you think about the resources.  

The Massive Colossal Bundle: $38,108 worth of Items with an Extended License (99.4% off)


Get this bundle for $99.

This is a big one. So far the deal has 4 stars with 26 reviews. 

I’m digging some of these vector packs. Visit using the link above to download some free samples. 

Creative Market’s February Big Bundle – Featuring fonts, WP Themes, Templates, Icons, Graphics and more

Get this bundle for $39.

This is a big bundle with a purported $1135 savings. I really dig the simplicity of the Stash theme available which on its own is $39. 

Expires at the end of the day February 16.