Interview with Alex Tade

What was your inspiration for this design?

I was inspired mainly from nice effects (Image Tilt Effect..) that I had seen at website. But I did not use heavy jpeg photos for background. Instead I used nice (modern colors), simple (not overwhelming) & light (performance) png graphics that are also impressive by easy way.

Also I tried to keep the structure of my website simple, easy to navigate and intuitive but not cheep. All simple components are also pretty.

Also I designed and developed the website with the thought of using advanced technologies for optimal operation with zero problems.

What is your favorite aspect of the design?

My main concerns are:
a) simplicity, ease of use and information design,
b) correlation with the existing design (logo, etc.) of the client,
c) use of advanced technologies for optimal operation with zero problems,
d) to be nice & clean, with great aesthetics (like an artwork) and maybe out of the box (special & different)

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